Loans: An Option for Fabricated Houses, Too

  The tightening of mortgage loan standards in recent years has made the objective of home ownership more strict for the average borrower. But despite their modest costs, it can be even more difficult if you are interested in purchasing a manufactured home.   The main reason is that there are fewer banks that provide […]

Household Debt Exceeds $ 90,000

  The average debt for American households is now more than $ 90,000, according to a recent survey. The study from the personal finance website NerdWallet, entitled “The 2015 US Debt Study for American Households,” found that the average American household with debts has $ 15, 762 only for card cards and an unimaginable debt […]

What Is the Difference between a Collateralized Debt and Obligations?

  A collateralized mortgage obligation, or CMO, is a form of mortgage-backed security (MBS) issued by a lender that handles residential mortgages. A collateralized debt obligation, or CDO, is sometimes supported by home mortgage-based securities, but it can also be supported by commercial mortgage-backed securities, bonds, bank loans, or just about any other financial instrument. […]